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Product Introduction


Select VaristorSelect Varistor
Varistor is a pressure limiting protection device. Can absorb excess voltage, protection of sensitive components in the circuit.
There are many reasons for choosing a varistor.The response time of the varistor is ns level, Its response speed, to meet the electronic circuit over-voltage protection requirements. Varistor is mainly used in transient overvoltage protection, similar to the voltammetric characteristics of a semiconductor regulator. Its protection characteristics, impact resistance characteristics of long life, working voltage life, stable performance. varistor is widely used in household appliances and other electronic products, for over-voltage protection, lightning protection, suppression of inrush current, absorption peak pulse, voltage limiter, high voltage interrupter, noise reduction, the protective effect of semiconductor components and the like.

What Is The Varistor
The main material of the varistor is the metal oxide (MOV), it contains ceramic blocks consisting of zinc oxide particles and a small amount of other metal oxides or polymers. A resistive device having a non-linear voltammetric characteristic, varistor referred to as VDR, the varistor is called a "surge absorber" sometimes referred to as "surge suppressor.
Now the "zinc oxide" (ZnO) varistor, Its main material has divalent elements zinc (Zn) and hexavalent element oxygen (O) formed. mainly used in the circuit to withstand overvoltage when the voltage clamp, absorb the excess voltage to protect sensitive devices.

Characteristics of varistor
Variable resistance voltage range: 18V-1800V
A variety of surge capacity: standard, high surge,
Ultra-high surge
High current handling and energy absorption capacity
Monomer flow can reach 70KA or even higher
Fast response time fast
Low leakage current
Applications: power systems, surge suppressors, security systems, motor protection, automotive electronics systems, household appliances.

Case Explain - Varistor Testing Standards
Varistor testing standards

Varistor Function Classification
Depending on the purpose of use, the varistor can be divided into two categories: ① protection function type varistor, ② circuit functional varistor.

1, Surge suppression type: Refers to a varistor used to suppress lightning overvoltages, or transient overvoltage protection, the presence of this transient overvoltage is random, Nonperiodic. Peak current and voltage can be significant. most varistors all fall into this category.
2, high power type: the varistor is used for successive pulses of absorption cycle.
3, high-energy type: The varistor is used to absorb the magnetic energy of the large inductance coil, such as the generator excitation coil, the lifting electromagnet coil, the main technical indicators are energy absorption capacity.
Varistor protection function, can repeatedly action, but it is sometimes made as a "one-time" protection device like current fuses. such as connected to some current transformer load, with short-circuit contact varistor.
Varistor Resistors Diameter Dimensions: SMD, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 34mm, 40mm, 53mm
At Ya Xun, has been committed to product development and research, market-oriented applications, our products can be stable voltage up to several thousand volts or more, this is the silicon regulator can not be achieved. the varistor can be used for: voltage fluctuation detection elements, DC level shift elements, pressure equalizer, fluorescent starter components.
Varistor Function Classification

Quality Inspection
Material identification and quality assuranceVaristor Quality Inspection
In Ya Xun company, we are equipped with advanced measurement and testing equipment, all incoming raw materials need to meet the requirements of modern metrology laboratory testing, ensure that products meet your requirements.
The manufacture of high quality products requires good process control technology combined with advanced inspection equipment.
  At Ya Xun, we ensure that each item contains the following quality assurance steps:
      Review all product manufacturing design
      Received a contract review after PO
      Inspection of incoming material
      Process inspection
      According to the need for final inspection, and provide reports and certification

Start Your Next Varistor Selection
Our team can provide you with specific parameters and test reports for varistors. you will be able to assess cost differences, and can assess the performance of the project, the potential advantage of turnaround time for small batch production. please contact us for quotation and free samples.


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