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PTC Thermistor

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Product Introduction


PTC Thermistor Service
In Ya Xun, we provide a full range of PTC thermistor products, formulation comprising from the metal element - sintering - Resistance sorting - factory testing. We manufacture PTC thermistors exported worldwide, made in China the highest quality PTC thermistor, the price is the first. When you send us product parameters, when asking for a free quote, our engineers will consult your product application, ensure that the product parameters meet your design requirements.
PTC Thermistor

What is a PTC thermistor?

PTC thermistor is a semiconductor resistor having a temperature-sensitive, widely used in overcurrent / overheat protection of the resistance. we offer ceramic PTC resistors with organic polymer PTC resistors.

Characteristics Of The PTC Thermistor

Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor applications are very extensive, In the production and application, embodies the following characteristics:
① Higher sensitivity,
Its resistance temperature coefficient than the metal 10 to 100 times more,
Can detect the temperature change of 10-6 deg.] C;
② Wide operating temperature range, room temperature device for -55 ℃ ~ 315 ℃, high temperature device temperature is higher than 315 ℃ (currently up to 2000 ℃), low temperature device for -273 ℃ ~ 55 ℃;
③ Small size;
④ Easy to use, resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1 ~ 100kΩ;
⑤ Easy to process into a complex shape, can be mass production;
⑥ Good stability, strong overload capacity.

PTC Thermistor Manufacturing ProcessPTC thermistor polycrystalline ceramic material

In order to start mass production of PTC thermistors, will be able to achieve the electrical properties and thermal performance requirements of the mixture (barium carbonate and titanium dioxide and other materials) weighing, mixed re-wet grinding, dehydrated dry and dry pressed into a round, rectangular, round, honeycomb blank. These crushed blanks are sintered into ceramics at higher temperatures (around 1250 ° C), the upper electrode is then metallized, according to its resistance value classification detection. according to the finished product structure brazing package or assembly shell, after the final comprehensive test.
weighing - Ball Milling - Pre-sintering - Granulation - Forming - Sintering - Upper Electrode - Resistance Sorting - Brazing - Packaging Assembly - Marking - Pressure Resistance - Resistance Inspection - Final Inspection - Packaging - Storage
To create a good PTC thermistor, we pay special attention to the control of the production process of every link. these include metal element materials, semiconductor ceramics, product testing and storage preservation and all other aspects.

PTC thermistor Functional ClassificationPTC thermistor chip sintered

PTC thermistor according to its different materials are divided into:  Ceramic PTC resistors, organic polymer PTC resistors
PTC thermistor according to its use is divided into:
Automatic degaussing PTC resistor
Delay start PTC resistor
Thermostat heating PTC resistance
Overcurrent protection PTC resistance
Overheat protection PTC resistance

Sensor PTC resistance

PTC Thermistor Material CompositionPTC thermistor material composition

Our ceramic PTC thermistor is based on barium titanate, doping with other polycrystalline ceramic materials, with low resistance and semiconducting characteristics. The material is sTiO3 or SrTiO3 or PbTiO3 as the main component of the sintered body, wherein a trace amount of an oxide such as Nb, Ta, Bi, Sb, Y, La or the like is doped and subjected to atomic valence control to be semiconducting, often such a semiconductor BaTiO3 and other materials referred to as semiconducting (body) porcelain, temperature sensor may be used exclusively as a constant. PTC thermistor for another application, it is in the polymer material to add conductive particles made of PPTC components, made of polymer polymer positive temperature coefficient resettable fuse.

Quality Inspection

In Ya Xun, we have a professional product quality management team, there are first-class testing equipment, check every detail of our products. We have invested in advanced testing and testing equipment, such as: protection atmosphere resistance furnace KSL1600X-H2, diamond cutting machine STX-202, dense grinding and polishing machine unipol-802. Our company has passed ISO certification, products through the CCC, UL, VED, CB, CE and other international certification, each shipment will provide a professional test report.

Start your selection of the next PTC thermistor product

Our technical engineers at any time for your service, to provide you with professional product parameter analysis, so that your new product development and market applications more convenient. please contact us for quotation and free samples.

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