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SPMZB self-recovery fuse PTCR

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Product Introduction


I. Overview
      SPMZB Series PTC thermistor is an automatic protection,Automatic recovery, non-contact, no noise,No spark of the "million times fuse"Or "self-recovery fuse",Is the second "temperature fuse" and "temperature switch" after the launch of the third generation of protection devices.Applicable to multimeter, charger, small transformers, smart meter, digital multimeter, micro-motor,Small electronic instruments and other lines do flow, overheating protection.

Second, the application example and outline drawing
     Application principle as shown below:The PTCR series in the load circuit,When the circuit is in normal working condition,The current through the PTCR does not exceed the rated current that does not exceed the PTCR maximum non-operating current,PTCR in the normal state,Resistance is small,Will not affect the normal operation of the protected circuit.When the circuit fails,The current greatly exceeds the rated current,PTCR sudden fever,High impedance state,So that the circuit is relatively "off" state,To protect the purpose.When troubleshooting,PTCR automatically resume normal work.

PTCR series self - recovery fuse circuit diagram
SPMZB series of self - recovery fuse application diagram
SPMZB Series Recovery Fuse Product Specification
SPMZB Series Recovery Fuse Product Specification
PTCR self-recovery fuse
1. With the * model number has been UL certification, UL certification number is: E236869;
2. In addition to the specifications listed in the table above,Users can request the design and production of other specifications of the PTC thermistor.
3.SPMZB series PTC thermistor has made on the ROHS restrictions of six toxic,SGS test report on harmful substance content.

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