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Yaxun Electronics, set up China Semiconductor Engineering sensitive technology research

Yaxun Electronics_China Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Materials Sensitive Information:
In 2010, our company began construction of China Engineering Technology Research Center
In the city on the basis of Engineering Technology Research Center,Following the existing enterprise R & D center area of about 1,500 square meters of space,As a laboratory site,At the same time according to the equipment to add the situation, adjust, expand the site,So that the total area of the center reached 2600 square meters.
Relying on the organizational structure of Yaxun Electronic Enterprise R & D Center,Co-ordinate the existing product line resources,In the municipal engineering and technology research center on the basis of,To enhance the development of sensitive ceramic components and engineering development-oriented national engineering research center
Research Center of the research direction and personnel training
The main research semiconductor-sensitive materials and electronic components,Belonging to the field of semiconductor materials and electronic components.
Center on the basis of the existing scale,Continue to introduce talents, sustainable development.And on the existing basis,Increase the reward system,Encourage innovation,Continuously improve the ability of talent innovation,As the center of sustainable development to provide solid talent protection
Keywords:Sensitive Semiconductor Engine

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