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Principle of NTC thermistor temperature measurement

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-03 15:55

NTC is an abbreviation for NegaTIve Temperature Coefficient, which means a negative temperature coefficient. Refers to semiconductor materials or components with a large negative temperature coefficient. The so-called NTC thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor.

It is mainly composed of two or more kinds of high-purity metal oxides such as manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), aluminum (Al), and zinc (Zn), by coprecipitation or hydrothermal method. Synthetic nano powder material. A semiconductor electronic ceramic material close to a theoretical density structure prepared by a ball milling process, such as ball milling, isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering, semiconductor slicing, dicing, glass sealing, or epoxy encapsulation. These metal oxide materials all have semiconductor properties because they are completely similar in electrical conductivity to semiconductor materials such as germanium and silicon.

It has the characteristic that the resistance value changes correspondingly with the change of temperature. When the temperature is low, the number of carriers (electrons and holes) of these oxide materials is small, so the resistance value is high; As the temperature increases, the number of carriers increases, so the resistance value decreases. The NTC thermistor varies from 100 to 1,500,000 ohms at room temperature and has a temperature coefficient of -2% to -5%. The resistivity and material parameters (B value) vary depending on the material composition ratio, sintering temperature, sintering atmosphere, and structural shape. The thermistor with negative temperature coefficient characteristics has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good stability, fast response, long life and low cost. NTC thermistors can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, and suppression of inrush current.
NTC thermistor temperature measurement

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