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Application of PTC Semiconductor Ceramic Components in Electric Vehicle Heating System

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-19 07:49

Electric vehicles now use PTC semiconductor ceramic components to heat the air or recycle water for heating. Due to the high voltage and high temperature, its reliability and safety have a very significant impact on the vehicle and personal safety. The reliability and safety requirements of the system's auxiliary power supply system, IGBT and its pre-drive are very high. At the same time, there are strict requirements on the insulation withstand voltage, thermal conductivity and tear resistance of the insulating and heat conductive materials used between the PTC and the circulating water pipe, and between the IGBT and the heat sink. The products recommended by this preferred device solution fully meet the PTC application requirements.

Device Advantage
• RENESAS RL78F13 series MCU, low power 16-bit RL78 core, clocked at 32 MHz;
64K Flash, 4K Data Flash, functional safety, 1 high-speed CAN can communicate with thermal management system, 11 PWM outputs are used to control IGBT switch, -40oC to 105oC operating temperature range.
• RENESAS IGBT single-tube RBN75H125S1FP4 with 1250V withstand voltage, 75A operating current, TO-247 in-line package, low VCE, high speed switching, -40oC to 150oC operating temperature range, high reliability.

• RENESAS's IGBT-driven optocoupler PS9402 features high drive currents up to 2.5A. 8mm creepage distance, integrated VCE under-saturation voltage drop detection, soft shutdown, fault feedback and other functions.
Can directly replace the A brand optocoupler, and the price is relatively better.

• MELEXIS current sensor MLX91210 detects current up to 50A, 0.8mΩ on-resistance, low power consumption, isolated withstand voltage 2.1kV, SOIC8 chip package, -40oC to 125oC operating temperature range, cost-effective.

Electric vehicles now use PTC semiconductor ceramic components circuit design

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